Joint Ventures

If you have a great idea for a social application, the funds to start the project but no development team then we may be a great fit. We work either directly from your business plan or can assist in shaping a rough concept drawing from our own experience. As evidence of our contributions we have been named inventors on many patents owned by our partners through our current Social Gears and prior Network Earth, Inc. (our parent company) joint venture partnerships.

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SN-Reach (the flagship product from SN-Impact Corporation) is a new type of promotional platform — one that serves business commerce and philanthropic interests as they attempt to engage / grow their audience and get individuals to support their brand. The SN-Reach peer to peer promotion sharing solution easily integrates with organizations existing marketing efforts e.g. email marketing multiplying effective reach and encouraging brand loyalty.

Customers are encouraged to share offers with their peers to gain access to increasingly deeper discounts based on effective sharing. This dramatically magnifies effective reach, attracts new customers and delivers real value to the customer sharing the promotion as well as the new recipients – everyone wins.

Social Gears was engaged to create all the SN-Reach technology as well as substantially contribute to strategic product feature planning. We created a combination of a sophisticated Web based administration system and dynamic Facebook application as well as co-inventing several patents towards SN-Reach’s intellectual property.

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