Facebook Applications

We have designed and launched a number of Facebook applications for organizations large and small. Clients include IBM, Ogilvy & Mather; Nestlé, Post and the American Chemistry Council. We have also created numerous Facebook pages through our relationship with AgencyLogic.com. Please contact us if you are interested in application development.
Medco – Dr. Obvious Post – Honey Bunches of Oats American Chemistry Council
We worked with Ogilvy & Mather on an integrated App/Page solution for Medco.

Dr. Obvious, Ph.D. is the world’s foremost expert on the Incredibly Apparent. So, not surprisingly, he is also the head of the Institute for the Incredibly Apparent, the founding place of the formal study of Obviology.

This Ogilvy requested application was part of Posts’ “Vacation2Anywhere” promotion.

The concept was to see how well players knew the world’s great travel and vacation spots. They then challenged their friends to see who really knows their way around, and who’s totally lost.

Working closely with Ogilvy we created a brand awareness application for the American Chemistry Council.

With Mylecule you create unique 3D molecular models based on selected friend groupings. It’s a fun way to illustrate the common bonds between you and your “orbit” of friends.

Nestlé – Crunch Bar IBM – SmartPlanet MTV – The Phone
In addition to building the application our team helped refine the viral aspects of the promotion to ensure maximum player to player engagement.

While the application was being actively promoted by Nestlé it reached over 1,000,000 installs and 150,000 monthly active users.

We created a content management solution for social awareness as part of IBM’s SmartPlanet project. Subjects included a better planet, energy, traffic, food, infrastructure, retail and intelligence.

News was aggregated within these categories and then compared to IBM’s own category specific solutions.

The application was created to promote the new Justin Timberlake MTV reality series ‘The Phone’.

MTV broadcast to fans via their Facebook fan page and various MTV Websites. Links from those sources were fed through our patented SNReach social marketing ROI platform.

Petopia – Pet Community Dragons Quest – Adventure Game Feel Your Boobies – Breast Cancer
Petopia is a community for animal lovers inside Facebook. Users create pet profiles and can interact with other pet owners in many ways.

Pet owners can connect with other pet owners by making their pets friends with each other, they can send messages to the pets and buy them virtual gifts.

Dragon’s Quest is a game of battling others with magic spells and weapons, questing, acquiring property, spying on players and building or joining clans.

For each attacking spell there’s a defensive spell and property can be attacked and defended adding an interesting dimension to the game.

We donated our time to this AMAZING cause founded in 2004 by Leigh Hurst after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.

The application encourages the sharing of ‘virtual magnets’ with friends and family to spread the word on the need for regular breast examinations.