Successful Online Community Managers Share These Traits: Part 1

by Admin on March 10, 2016

Effective Online Community Managers FollrIf you manage a Follr Online Community, – or any online community for that matter! – you know it takes a lot of work to be a successful, effective community manager. For the next two days, the Follr Blog will be highlighting some of the most important qualities an online community manager should have on lock. The First 5 are as follows…

  1. They’re Passionate

The first quality an effective online community manager should have is passion for the brand or topic of interest their community is built upon. If a lack of passion exists, community administrators can get burnt out and lose focus of what’s really important.

  1. They’re Organized

Online community managers must be organized – both physically (think your desk, email inbox, to-do list, etc.) and mentally (good time management, ability to focus, etc.). Without solid organization skills, community management tasks can slip through the cracks and hurt growth.

  1. They’re Committed

An effective community manager is committed to his or her work. With dedication comes increased productivity and quality of content and interaction.

  1. They‘re Empathetic

Online community managers must be able to connect with community members. If a member’s question or concern falls on deaf ears, your community could come off as having a lack of humanity and poor response times. Successful community administrators are in tune with what members want.

  1. They Practice Good Judgement

Whether it be a troublesome member or a temporary system error, successful community managers know how to deal with potentially harmful issues. They use their best judgement in dealing with problems and setbacks and always keep their members’ needs in mind when doing so.

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