Follr Community Feature #1: Advanced Messaging

by Admin on March 2, 2016

Follr Behind the ScenesHere is a behind the scenes look at one of our latest Follr Community Features: Advanced Messaging. We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure we lay claim to the most diverse and useful messaging capability of any online community platform out there today.

As a Follr Online Community Manager, you’re able to direct message one, several or all of your community members with just a few clicks. You can manage which email addresses the message is sent to and from, and which email address you’d like responses to be delivered to. And all of this can be done without even logging in to the community.

Follr Community Advanced Messaging

Advanced messaging, as described by our product developer, Mark Wayman, is “A powerful… and unique tool to encourage a growing membership…This [tool] can be used for general updates, to make introductions between members – a general communication tool.”

Create a custom Follr Community now and utilize this innovative new tool to connect with your network today!

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